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Dear Friend and Ministry Partner,

In Judges 6 the Lord called Gideon to lead a small

contingent of Israelite volunteers to one of the

greatest victories that has ever occurred on the earth.

The story begins with Gideon gathering 32,000 men

to stand with him against the Midianite army. When

Gideon presented his army to the Lord the Lord told

Gideon to send home the volunteers that were afraid.

Twenty-two-thousand men left!

If that wasn't bad enough. The Lord then told Gideon

to have the men drink at nearby stream and that

Gideon could only keep those who "lapped like dogs."
That reduced Gideon's command to only 300 men!

But the Lord was with Gideon and by following the

directions the Lord gave him, Gideon and his men 

was victorious over tens of thousands of Midianite


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